Ambassador FAQ

Power Arm Performance Brand Ambassador Program 
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why was the Power Arm Performance Brand Ambassador Program created?  

 We have established this program as not only a way to spread awareness of our brand and living a healthy, athletic lifestyle, but we also want to help give back to the athletic community that has always given us so much. Our promise is to keep an extremely narrow focus on providing the best athletic lifestyle and performance products. We hope that by:   

(1) Building a brand that emphasizes the importance of passionate expression, and   
(2) Providing products that are safe and effective in helping athletes achieve optimal performance,   

You will be able to help your athletic community while also making substantial income promoting something you’re passionate about!
Q. How can I access my personalized brand ambassador dashboard?   

 You were sent an email that provides all of your account and login information. Also, be sure to bookmark the following login link:         

You can also access your dashboard at any time by visiting
Q. What tools are available to help promote Power Arm products and receive commissions?   

 There are a few different ways that you can earn commissions through our program:

1. Personalized Referral Code-
 A personalized code was sent to you in your program approval email and can be found at any time in your ambassador dashboard. Post this code on social media or give it to family, friends, clients, teammates, coaches… anyone who embodies the Power Arm lifestyle or who may benefit from our products and services! When they use this code during checkout on our site, the customer receives a 10% discount and you’ll receive your designated coupon code commission on the order. That SIMPLE!

2. Personalized Referral Link
Also included in your program approval letter and available on your ambassador dashboard is your personalized link to display on your website/social media.
This link is customized just for you.(You will also have a shortened link in your dashboard that may be easier to use on platforms like Instagram. Both work the same!) If a customer arrives at our store through your customized link and makes a purchase within the specified amount of days shown on your dashboard, you will receive the commission for that order! By default, your personalized link will go to our home page. If you would like your link to go directly to a specific page on our site, access the Link Generator on your dashboard and follow the provided directions to create one.   

 QR CodesWhen you log into your ambassador dashboard, in the “Info Page” you will see and be able to download a unique QR code. Again you can share it online or print it for offline use. When someone scans the QR code with their phone, they will be taken to our site, but the visit will be tracked and any purchase made will be credited to you. The commissions are the same as your commissions for the purchases made through your personalized links.

4. Collaborations/Royalties
At times, we select athletes, influencers or relevant brands to collaborate on products with us. These collaborations usually result in commission/royalties on ALL collaboration items sold. If you are an athlete, influencer, or brand that would like more information about collaborating, email us at with the Subject- “Collaboration".

5. Business to Business
If you have opportunities to sell our products in a sports facility, retail establishment, or other organization where multiple, recurring orders may be made, please let us know directly so that we can discuss our special program and bonuses/recurring commissions for you in those scenarios. Send us an email to with the Subject: BRAND AM- B2B.
Q: I am a collaborator on your site. How will I get paid commissions/royalties?   

 If you are a collaborator selling products on our site, your commissions on collaboration products will be noted on your dashboard. We track all collaboration items by product SKU and associate a commission to you every time one of these items is purchased. Commission percentages on collaboration products will be broken down based on our agreed terms and any changes or updates will always be available on your ambassador dashboard. (If you would like more information about collaborating with us on products/designs, email us at with the Subject: Collaboration.
Q: I have a question that was not addressed here. What should I do?   

 You can reach out to us with any question at any time! The quickest way to ask a question is to message us via the blue “Ask a Question” message tab in your dashboard. Your next best option is to email us at Make sure to include “Brand Am Help” in the subject of your email for fastest response!
Q: How will my commissions be paid to me?   

 When you first login to your account, you will be prompted to enter payment information. This is required in order for you to get paid! At the moment, you can choose between two ways to get paid:

 Every pay period, you will be sent a check in the mail to the address listed in your profile. 

 If you want your commissions faster, you can get automatic payments directly to your PayPal account by choosing this option. All you will need to do is provide your PayPal email and we’ll take care of the rest! Payments will be automatically distributed to you each pay period. Any bonuses will be directly distributed as well.
Q: What’s on the horizon for the Power Arm Performance Brand Ambassador Program?   

A: We are excited for where we are heading! Some things on the horizon include: 

 (1) Rewards incentives- free gear, gift cards, and other rewards for accomplishing certain goals   
 (2) Monthly cash bonuses- meet certain monthly referral goals and receive a cash bonus with your next payment!   
 (3) Tiered commission structures   
 (4) The release of our NSF Certified for sport nutrition line, a huge opportunity for our Brand Ambassadors to make substantial income!   

We’ll keep you up to date with new features via email as soon as they’re released! 

For any questions not listed here, please reach out to us at any time at: