Little League Preseason Pitching Program

This program was developed for Little League players to help reinforce proper pitching mechanics, as well as to help players develop an understanding of the mental aspect of pitching. 

As part of Power Arm's dedication to the development of our local little leagues, players will have the opportunity to work with Power Arm staff, including college coaches and former college/professional players in this 4-week comprehensive preseason pitching program. 

This program is designed to mimic Power Arm & Wladyka Baseball’s super-successful Winter Pitching Program for HS/College athletes, with adjustments made to accommodate our younger athletes. 

The main focus of the program will be developing proper mechanics to promote healthy pitching habits, as well as a throwing progression in order to safely increase throwing velocity in preparation for the spring season. In addition, players will be instructed on the importance of proper warm-up and post throwing habits to reduce risk of arm injury. As part of the program, players will receive consistent video analysis of their mechanics and delivery.

Available Sessions:

This program will run March 5- March 31

Sessions will be 1 hour, 2x per week

 See session choices below for available days/times. Please select both a first and second choice for your session days/time.  While we try to accommodate each player's schedule, we want to ensure an intimate coaching environment for our players (4 players per session). Bookings for specific sessions will be based on a first-come, first-serve basis. Should both of your session choices become booked, we will reach out directly to discuss possible alternative options.